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New Officer Submission Form

Please use this electronic form to submit your elected/appointed officers for the 2012-13 term. Just complete the information and then follow the instructions.

Seventh District PTA Units and Councils
Officers List for 2012

Units and Councils: If you do not have all of the following officers or chairmen by the due date, send the names and information you do have. Send the rest as you obtain them. Failure to meet the Seventh District deadline will delay your District, State and National PTA mailings and inclusion in the Seventh District Directory.

Please note: A confirmation of the information submitted is emailed to the address in the “President’s Email” field and from the Cyd in the Seventh District office. 

NOTE: Fields shown with an asterisk * are REQUIRED before you will be able to submit your information via this form.

HOWEVER:  It is a bylaws requirement for units and councils to have full contact information for the president, secretary and the treasurer. It is extremely important that we get the incoming president’s information by April 1st, in order that they receive the Georgia State PTA summer service mailing. Please also submit the secretary’s and treasurer’s information by the deadline.  All other information should be submitted once you have it, but it would greatly help us if it is done by the deadline, or as soon as possible afterward.

Please include mailing address (home address, not the school address), street, city, and ZIP. An e-mail address is strongly recommended but not required.