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Seventh District PTA Mission/Goals


The mission of the Seventh District PTA is to empower councils, units, families and community members to become effective advocates for all children and youth.

7th District PTA 2011-2013 Goals

  •  Seventh District PTA will provide on-going training opportunities to meet the needs of PTA leaders with diverse experience levels by utilizing a variety of delvery methods throughout the year.
  •  Seventh District PTA will increase awareness of PTA’s mission, core values and accomplishments to today’s students, parents, schools and communities.
  •  Seventh District PTA will create a more productive working relationship with our members, lawmakers and the business community, leading to a more effective advocacy program and positive action on behalf of children.
  •  Seventh District PTA will work with units and councils to educate their financial officers and presidents on the new governmental financial reporting requirements.
  •  Seventh District PTA will ensure that council presidents have accurate information regarding their unit’s bylaws and the current status of the review process.
  •  Seventh District PTA will provide effective, relevant communications within our organization, improving our multimedia efforts to make current updated resources easily available.
  •  Seventh District PTA will improve the visibility of Fourth District PTA and its councils and units, and communicate a clearer picture of PTA’s purposes both within the organization and to the community.